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ABC Agility Tunnels sold by Grayfoot

ABC Tunnels sold by Grayfoot Agility

ABC Dog Agility Tunnels are manufactured with premium quality/high strength material that is mildew resistant and UV stabilized.  Tunnels have fabric-enclosed wire ropes to keep the ends open.  Tunnels also have a heavy-duty wearstrip to protect the exterior from abuse and abrasion.

The tunnels at 24" in diameter, with a pitch* of 4" or 6", and available in 10, 15, and 20 foot lenghts.
(*Pitch = Distance between the wire helix)

Standard Tunnel Colors: Blue, Grey, Green, Red, White and Yellow complete with Black Heavy Duty Abrasion Resistant Wearstrip.
(see photo at left)

These tunnels can be drop-shipped directly to you or to Grayfoot for delivery at a later time.

Please note that the shipping costs are approximately $50/tunnel and is in addition to the price of the tunnel.